What am I responsible for supporting?

Your PC and your ISP. Unless your PC was supplied by North Memorial, you are responsible for upgrades and repairs.

Can I print?

This is based on a business need and job role. If you have questions, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Can I save to my local c: drive?

This is based on a business need. If you have questions, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Who should I call for support?

If you are unable to connect to your ISP, please contact your provider for assistance.

Our IT Service Desk can help on a limited basis, please call (763) 581-2580.

Our IT Service Desk uses a tool called TeamViewer, which gives the support team the ability to view your computer or device remotely. TeamViewer is a digital remote support solution that fosters agility, collaboration, and innovation. It empowers users to interface with anyone, anything, anywhere, anytime. It offers an easy way for team members to reach the Service Desk for support. The tool will aid with understanding team member issues and resolving them in a timely fashion with fewer recurrence, instances, and addressing concerns on productivity, efficiency, and compatibility.

Launch & Download TeamViewer

NOTE: A download will begin on your computer after clicking the link.

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