For authorized users, you MUST complete the following steps before logging into iRAS. If you do not have or have not installed these requirements, you will not be able to log into iRAS.

Step 1 - Internet Access:

  • You will need your own private Internet connection. Higher speed internet provides a better experience - at least 5MB is recommended.
  • Please note, there are many things in your home that consume Internet bandwidth; this may impact your iRAS performance.
  • Connections that are potentially intermittent in signal like a "hot spot" or cellular/Bluetooth modem are not recommended.

Step 2 - Computer Requirements:

We have had varying degrees of success with the different operating systems and browers. Try the latest version in the following order.

  • Windows: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (NOTE: Internet Explorer is not supported.)
  • Mac OS: Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

Step 3 - Installing Citrix Workspace App (Minimum required version 20.06):

If you do have the Citrix Workspace App or do not have the latest version installed on your device, you will need to install it.

Step 4 - Enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):

Use your login credentials to enroll in MFA at

  1. Instructions for setting up MFA can be found on the Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication Tip Sheet.
  2. To check if you are enrolled in NMH Multi-Factor Authentication, validate at:

Step 5 - Access North Memorial's Internet Enabled Remote Access (iRAS) portal:

If you have met the above requirements, you may now log in to iRAS portal.

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